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Terms & Conditions

Please carefully read the following terms and conditions. Use of our services is conditional on your agreement and acceptance of the accompanying statement.

Whenever you subscribe or use any of our services you accept that you have read and understood the terms and conditions and are willing to be bound by the below-mentioned statements.

Terms of Use

1. General

 a. The terms and conditions for using the Klaxon platform, as set forth herein, govern your access and use of the Klaxon platform that allows you to explore, select and purchase the listed products at the mentioned price at any time.

 b. Please be aware that the Terms of Service that control your usage of the Klaxon platform may change every once in a while. So, please review these Terms of Use each time you want to use our Klaxon platform to make sure you understand the terms and conditions in effect at the moment. Furthermore, please be aware that we can change the format and the content of the Klaxon platform at any moment, or halt its operation for maintenance or support, to reform content or for any reason.

 c. Any access, exploring, or other use of the Klaxon platform shows your acceptance of these terms of service, privacy policy, and other guidelines or policies that may be in effect at the time of your usage, and which may be reformed timely.

 d. This document is an electric record under the Information Technology Act of 2000 and its rules, as well as the revised provisions relating to electronic records in numerous statutes as altered by the Information Technology Act of 2000. This electronic record is created by computer systems and electronic or physical signatures are not required.

 e. We grant you a limited, revocable permission view and access to the Klaxon platform solely to identify products, make purchases, and clarify returns and refunds according to the Return and Refund policy.

f. If you accept this agreement, you represent that you are at least 18 years old and capable to engage in, and complying with this agreement.

 2. Your Account Registration

 a. You have the option of registering on the Klaxon platform or checking it out as a visitor to buy products or use the services. You just need to register once. You will be entitled to access and use the services after receiving a confirmation e-mail from us and completing the relevant forms and providing the required details as asked by us during the registration.

b. You are the only one who has permission to use your account. As a result, it will be your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your login details.

 c. If there is any unauthorized use of your account or any other security break you need to immediately inform us and log out of your account. Our agents, directors, employees, and officers will be not responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by your failure to follow these Terms of Use. Without prior warning, we have the right to prohibit access to the Klaxon platform, put a stop to accounts, and edit or remove the content.

3. Subscription and Communication

 a. By agreeing to the Terms of Service, you agree to receive updates, news offers, and campaigns related SMS.

b. You can even reject receiving promotional materials, newsletters, and other notifications any time by following the guidelines included in communications.

 4. Disclaimer of Inaccuracies, Warranties, or Errors

a. We will make every effort to ensure that any recommendations and information offered as part of the Klaxon platform, whether regarding services, products, offers, or otherwise are correct. But we make no assurances and guarantees about the accuracy of the provided information.

 b. You accept that the information is provided on a condition that you will determine the appropriateness of the information for your purposes before using it or using it in conjunction with any decision. No information on the Klaxon platform should be constructed as an offer to invest in any of our belongings. You’ll be solely responsible for the use of the Klaxon platform and information. If you’re willing to access connections to any third-party platforms you’ll be at your own risk and expense.

 c. On the Klaxon platform, we give visual representations such as illustrations, graphics, images, photographs, charts, screenshots, videos, infographics, and many other visual aids to guide users in selecting the products of their choice. While we make all the possible efforts to provide accurate representations but we make no guarantee or warranty that the representation or descriptions of the products are perfect when compared to actual products.

 d. Nothing above should be considered as a guide to using any product, equipment, process, or composition in violation of any copyright, or otherwise, and we make no warranty or implied promise that such use will not break any copyright or otherwise.

 e. We make no promises or make any warranties or representations:

  • that the services will be available 24/7
  • with relation to the materials on the Klaxon platform or its accuracy, appropriateness, quality, performance, reliability, fitness, merchantability for a specific purpose

 f. Disclaimer

    To the fullest extent permitted by law, we, our agents, officers, directors, and employees exclude all liability for any loss, damage, expense, and injury caused by any failure of performance, product defect, omission, or cancellation, delay, unauthorized access, alteration, destruction or use of records on the Klaxon platform.

5. Availability and Accessibility of Klaxon platform

 a. We operate and control this Klaxon platform from Ahmedabad, and we never make representation that the content and materials available on the Klaxon platform are appropriate for use in other locations outside Ahmedabad. If you access the Klaxon platform outside Ahmedabad then you’ll be responsible for adhering to any local regulations. 

 b. We keep a close eye on the user’s account to prevent fake transactions. Users who fraudulently use referral coupons and open multiple accounts will be subject to legal action and we have the authority to recover the collection fees, cost of goods, and attorney fees from anyone who uses the Klaxon platform wrongly. If any fraud is discovered we also have the right to terminate any account and dishonour any pending and previous orders without notice.

 6. Interaction with Third parties and Links to Third party websites

a. In connection with your use of the Klaxon platform, you may correspond, buy products/services or take part in promotions of advertisers, sponsors, or members of the Klaxon platform or get access to any other third-party websites that are linked to the Klaxon platform. Any correspondence, purchase, advertising, or promotion including payment and delivery for goods or/and services, other terms, representation, or warranties associated with such purchase, correspondence, or promotion, are solely between the third party and user.

 7. Copyrights

a. The Klaxon platform carries materials that are secured by copyright and/or other property rights like graphics, sounds, and text. Any information, including pictures, texts, and music, remain our property, and all trademarks featured on the Klaxon platform are licensed to us.

 b. You may view the Klaxon content on your computer for personal use, subject to permission granted by us of a personal, limited, revocable, and non-transferable license when your register on the Klaxon platform for exploring products, making purchases, and processing refunds and returns according to the Refund and Return policy.

 c. You are prohibited from (i) copying, downloading, performing, displaying, distributing, reproducing, altering, modifying, enhancing, transmitting, or otherwise altering or using any content on the Klaxon platform. These controls apply to all parts of the content available on the Klaxon platform (ii) copy any part of the content and distribute or sell it for profit (iii) use the information on any other server.

 d. The license permitted to you does not involve a license for (i) any use of product descriptions, listings or prices (ii) resell any products (iii) or any use of Klaxon services or content other than provided in these Terms of services (iv) any copying or downloading user’s login details (v) creating or publishing own database which includes portions of the Klaxon platform.

 e. If you believe your property rights have been violated in any way, you can feel free to contact us.

 8. Trademark

We and our affiliates own all trade names affiliated with us, as well as logos and products designed with trademarks. Our trademarks cannot be used for services or products that are not owned by us.

 9. License and Usage of your content

a. You permit us an irrevocable, royalty-free, perpetual, and non-exclusive license to publish, adapt, reproduce, distribute, use, copy, disseminate or act upon any material published by you on any platform without further consideration or approval in any medium, technology, or form.

 b. You acknowledge and agree that we do not frequently monitor your postings on the Klaxon platform. If we discover any inappropriate use of the Klaxon platform or any of the services, we will respond in any manner that seems appropriate. You also agree that we have the authority to report for any behavior that may be considered illegal. If requested we will fully cooperate with law implementation agencies in any inquiry.

 c. Trademark laws, Copyright laws, publicity and privacy laws, some regulations and communication statutes, and other rules and regulations may be violated by submissions and unauthorized usage of any materials provided on the Klaxon platform. You will be solely responsible for the actions as well as to conduct if anyone else uses your login id or password.

 d. We have the right to terminate or suspend your access to our platform at any time either with or without warning. Furthermore, if you violate any of these Terms of Services, this restricted license will instantly end.

 10. User’s limitations and warranties

 a. You warrant that (i) your usage of any services will not violate any law or regulations (ii) all information submitted to the Klaxon platform is accurate and true (iii) usage of the materials and content you provide will not cause injury to any person or violate any agreement. If the information provided by you is found to be incorrect then your registration can be rejected and your all orders will be canceled.

 b. You will only use the Klaxon platform for authorized purposes, and you will not get engaged in any behavior that is dangerous to the content or platform or is not permitted by the platform. Subject to these terms of services, you have restricted access to license and use the Klaxon platform solely for the motive of using the services.

c. None of the following things must be performed:

(i) change or remove any content on the Klaxon platform, including any information about the services, sales, performance, or price;

 (ii) to traverse or search the Klaxon platform, use any tool, engine, software, or any other mechanism;

 (iii) make harmful or deceptive remarks about the services;

 (iv) Copy, send, distribute or otherwise transmit or make available any software or computer files that carry harmful components or damage the Klaxon platform;

 (v) Introduce any viruses or other software, or use bots to harvest information from the Klaxon platform;

 (vi) scan or test the weakness of any of the systems, authentication or security measure;

 (vii) cut into the Klaxon platform or introduce deceitful software of any kind;

 (viii) Obtain unofficial access to, or obstruct with, or harm or disrupt the server that stores the details related to the services or connected database;

 (ix) Grab in any troublesome, offensive, or disastrous behavior such as “spamming”, “flooding”, as those terms are frequently interpreted and applied on the internet.

 d. You are not permitted to present, host, change, upload update or share any information through the Klaxon platform that:

 i) belongs to someone else on which you have no authority;

 ii) in any manner hurts kids;

 iii) is in any way of damaging, disturbing, obscene, pornographic, invasive of another’s privacy, harmful, related to or uplifting money laundering or otherwise detrimental;

 iv) breach any law in effect at that time;

 v) when trademark, patent, copyright, or other rights are violated upon;

 vi) deceive the recipient regarding the origin of such communicates information of a seriously threatening nature;

 vii) contains computer code, software viruses, or files that are intended to destroy or disrupt or control the functionality of any computer resource.

 1. Liability Limitation and Indemnification

You agree to hold us, our officers, employees, affiliates, licensors, consultants, agents, and representatives harmless from and against all third-party claims, damages, losses, liabilities, or costs that appear from use or access to the Klaxon platform, breaching o these terms of use, or violation of any of rights. We’ll promptly notify you of damage, liability, claim or demand and you undertake to give us with required assistance fighting with any loss, claim, or cost.

 2. Mandatory force

We will not be liable for any interruption to meet our obligations if the failure or delay is caused by circumstances beyond our control. 

3. Waiver

 Unless such consent or waiver is in written and signed by us, nothing in these terms of services shall be considered waived and no violation will be forgiven.

 4. Severability

If any of these provisions in terms of use is found to be enforceable under the relevant law by a court of jurisdiction, then those provisions will be removed from these terms of use and the balance of these terms of use shall be constructed as if such provisions were removed and enforceable.

5. Alteration

 These terms of use are subject to modification and change and can be changed at any time without notice. You should view the terms of services on the regular basis.

6. Miscellaneous

 a. Additionally, to these terms of use, you must comply with the terms of third parties, such as the terms of bank offers, promotional offers of the brand, the links which are possibly contained in the services. You admit that will not be responsible for transactions between users and third parties.

b. These terms of service replace all past and writer terms given to you, for your use of the Klaxon platform, your responsibilities and rights in connection with any service provided by us will be limited to the range of these terms of services.


 Sales Terms and Conditions on the Klaxon

 The following-mentioned terms and conditions of sale are a contract between you and us as it regulates the terms and conditions under which you acquire products from the platform. By purchasing the product, you agree to be bound by our terms of sale.

 1. Our sale agreement

a. Our listing and display of a product on the Klaxon platform is a call for you to submit a purchase for that product. Similarly, placing an order on the Klaxon platform constitutes your offer to purchase the products.

 b. As soon as you place an order, you’ll receive a text message or email for the confirmation of your order. The order confirmation message is the confirmation that we’ve received your order but does not imply that we have accepted your offer.

 c. We will only accept your offer and enter into a contract for sale with you for the product you have ordered and you’ll receive an email or text message when the product is shipped or delivered. We have the right to reject or cancel any order.

 d. In case your order is split into multiple packages, you may get individual shipment confirmations for each box.

 e. For any individual transaction, any communication from us will be sent only to your registered email address, mobile phone number or any email address or mobile phone number you select. If you give details gets changed you’ll be solely responsible for updating it on the Klaxon platform. We also provide reminders and notices for the scheduled deliveries of the product.

f. You have a contract with us, and you affirm that the products you ordered are for personal use only and not for commercial or re-sale purposes. Please keep in mind that we only sell products in quantities that correspond to the average household requirements.

g. All the placed orders on the Klaxon platform are contingent on the product’s availability, our acceptance of your offer as stated above, and your continued compliance with these terms of sale.

h. You hereby permit us to make statements to any governmental entity upon request and that includes the products you order are for commercial or personal use.

 2. Refund and Return

Please examine our Refund and Return policy, which relates to all our products.

3. Availability of the product

On the applicable Klaxon platform webpage, we give available information about the products. We can’t be more explicit about the availability than what we indicate on the webpage or elsewhere on the Klaxon platform. Please keep in mind that the provided dispatch estimates are only estimates. When we process your order, you’ll receive mail or text message.

 4. Pricing of products

a. All prices are indicated in Indian rupees. The listed prices include all relevant taxes.

 b. The most recent price listed on the product’s information page on the Klaxon platform will be reflected in your shopping basket. Please keep in mind that this price may vary from the one displayed for the product when you originally added it to your cart. When you add a product to your shopping basket, you are not reserving the price that is displayed at the time. It can be possible that the price of the product can drop after some time.

 c. Licenses

You admit that you may be needed to obtain permissions/licenses under appropriate laws to use or purchase. You shall be responsible for obtaining or adhering to such permissions/license’s terms.

 5. Taxes

You agree to pay all fees, costs, and charges related to the buying of products and you accept to bear all relevant taxes.

6. Eligibility

 Only those who are legally capable of entering into legally binding contracts under the Indian contract act, 1872 are 18 years of age or old and can use the Klaxon platform and place an order.

 7. Liability limitation

We will not be liable for any business loss like revenue, anticipated savings, contracts, goodwill, or data, or any consequential or indirect loss that was not considerably predictable between both us and you at the time of contract for the sale of products.

8. Alteration

At any time, we retain the right to alter our policies and these terms for sale. Unless a change to those policies or these terms of sale is essential by a government authority, you will be bound by the terms and policies of the sale in effect.

1. Mandatory force

We will not be liable for any failure or delay to meet our obligations if the failure or delay accuse due to any circumstances.

 2. Waiver

Unless such waiver or consent is written or signed by us, no term of these terms of sale will be count waived, and no violation must be forgiven.

 3. Miscellaneous

a. In addition to these terms of sale, you will comply with the terms of third parties like brand promotional offers, bank offers, and contained in the terms of use.

 b. These terms of sale replace any previous written or oral terms and conditions for the products we provide.